Call for submissions

We are seeking submissions for a multi-author book that will provide practical strategies for people in heart-centered roles to avoid and overcome compassion fatigue. By “heart-centered roles” we mean the vast collection of paid and unpaid services that support caregivers and caregiving in all its forms.

About the book

Compassion fatigue is a form of exhaustion that can occur when people are exposed to the suffering of others on a regular basis. It can manifest as physical, emotional, and psychological exhaustion.

Entrepreneurs and others in the care economy are particularly vulnerable to compassion fatigue because they are often working with clients who are facing difficult challenges. They may also be working long hours, have limited resources, and be more focused on helping others than engaging in self-care. Many of them finish their working day and then turn into caregivers for their own family members.

This book will give caregivers, entrepreneurs, and others the tools they need to protect themselves from compassion fatigue. It will include such topics as:

  • Self-care: How to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • Boundaries: How to set boundaries with clients and colleagues.
  • Resilience: How to build your resilience to stress and burnout.
  • Mindfulness: How to practice mindfulness to stay present and grounded.
  • Support: How to find and build a support network.

We are seeking submissions from a variety of authors, including business coaches, life coaches, entrepreneurs with lived experience, clinicians, researchers, and advocates.

About the editors

Antoinette LeCouteur is an unpaid family caregiver and also an entrepreneur, consultant, photographer, philanthropy expert, social impact expert, volunteer, former actor, and vocal advocate for better support of caregivers and those who work in the care economy.

Peter Dudley is an author, editor, and certified life and leadership coach with over 25 years experience in publishing as well as expertise in corporate philanthropy, employee engagement, marketing, and nonprofit leadership.

Submitting your pitch

Please do not submit full articles. If you are selected for inclusion in the book, we’ll work directly with you on completing your final article.

Do not submit attachments. Email submissions with attachments will be deleted unopened.

Please submit the following by email to If you’re unsure about anything, email your questions before pitching. We want to make this work for you!

  • A summary of your article’s focus (what are you writing about?)
  • A description of your expertise (why are you the one to write this?)
  • A statement about the value to the reader (what are you providing them?)

Pitches will be considered on a rolling basis until all author slots are full.